In Greek mythology, the almond tree represented youthfulness and fragility. The firm ivory nut, which grows protected in a beautiful soft green velvet shell, is very much appreciated for its cosmetic properties. It moisturises, nourishes, smoothes and firms the skin, and these properties in combination make the new firming almond body care range effective and delightful to use.

In spring, the almond tree covers itself with delicate white flowers, but it will be necessary to wait for the month of October so that they become fruits.


Different assets are derived from the beans:


With the shell of the Almond crushed particles are obtained the Almond Delicious paste for exfoliating the skin.


The nut of the Almond brings other active ingredients of the products of this line:
• Oil Almond which transforms into Almond butter (which nourishes and gives flexibility to the skin).
• Almond powder with Almond proteins, this ingredient will be removed Almond milk, which gives the products of this line smoothing and softening properties.



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