Grean Tea

Listen to the perfume of the Green Tea. With its smooth voice and it warms up, it says a history of proximity and friendship.

During the hottest hours of the day, what a relief to be able to rest inside a shady backyard! Enjoying the fresh mist of the nearby fountain, while sipping tea – one can literally taste life's sweetness...
To evoke this true Provençal art of living, L'Occitane has created the Collections of  tea.

Eau de Bienvenue
With a generous gesture, the vaporizer disperses to the Eau de Bienvenue in all the corners of the house, evoking the valuable tradition of the Mediterranean, the welcome Eau salutes to the guest with a deliciously smelly presence. Light and delicate, the scent Green Tea at any time represents the well-being and the serenity of the day.
The Eau de Bienvenue, is to make of your house a place of tranquillity and hospitality. A true Art to live.



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