L’OCCITANE’s Position on Animal Testing

Please take time to read and understand our position on this important subject below.
  • L’OCCITANE has never tested its finished products on animals and actively manages a selection to ensure that its raw materials are not tested on animals. There are absolutely no plans to change our position regarding this important subject. Since its creation, L’OCCITANE has defended the animal cause by refusing to use in its formulas any animal origin products except products that derive from the beehive.
  • L’OCCITANE has long been committed to associations such as One Voice. Also it was one of the first companies to be admitted to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) list in 1997.  Yet, this association has decided in December 2011 to remove from its list companies operating in China because Chinese authorities may carry out limited tests when registering products for the local market. At no time has L’OCCITANE practiced these type of tests, but nevertheless has been subjected to this position because L’OCCITANE cannot bring formal evidence that these tests are not carried out by Chinese authorities at any time.
  • Whilst L’OCCITANE of course respects the right of different countries around the world to set their own laws and regulations, we still actively participate in taking steps to influence the debate on abolishing tests on animals throughout the world.  L’OCCITANE considers that it is counterproductive to deprive the most populated country of the world from products that have not been subject to animal tests when they were developed and produced – otherwise Chinese consumers will only have access to products that have been tested and so the companies that do endorse animal testing will only grow and prosper further – the opposite outcome to that which is desired by those in this debate.
  • Still, L’OCCITANE want to actively participate in abolishing the tests on animals throughout the world. It’s why L’OCCITANE is now in connection with BUAV to establish a China Taskforce to press the Chinese to allow alternatives. L’OCCITANE would like to highlight that yet at the beginning of 2011, the company took part in a colloquium in Beijing – together with BUAV and the Chinese authorities - which aimed to implement alternative tests, recognized by these same authorities. These tests are likely to replace all the tests that are already in place in China.