Through the millenniums
This blue flower, “the soul of Provence” according to Giono, has been discovered in, they used it to perfume the bath and its clothes just washed. Its name comes from the Latin “lavare” that means to wash. This small blue flower has been well-known for thousands of years by its unique perfume.

The controlled denomination of origin (A.O.C)
Between the different species of lavander that grow in Provence we can find the Fine Lavender that produces the best essential oil, this is the lavender immortalized by the perfumists of Grasse and the chosen by L'OCCITANE.

The producers of this essential oil of Lavanda of the Provence, have obtained the controlled denomination of origin A.O.C (that guarantees the quality of this ingredient) coming from their flowers cultivated to more than 800 meters as altitude.

Each year L'Occitane celebrates the lavender harvest

In summer, fields of lavender extend and full the air with the perfume of wild lavender. The moment for gathering what the nature offers to them has arrived, the young girls gather the flowers of each small branch and they throw them to the big baskets. Then, following the tradition, the harvest is distilled thanks to the water steam stills. After this distillation the essential oil of Lavanda is born.

Lavender is renowned for its purifying, relaxing and antiseptic properties. Lavender Harvest offers a range of purifying skincare products that are particularly suited to oily and combination skin, as well as products for the bath, shower and home.



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