In the Mediterranean, the olive tree symbolizes peace, strength, fertility and longevity. Each year, L’OCCITANE celebrates the new Olive Harvest and the pressing of fine A.O.C. olive oil from Chateau d’Estoublon in the Baux valley of Provence.
In autumn, the olives are harvested and they are pressed in cold. The obtained oil in this way is bottled next. For generations east work has been made in the same way. Therefore, this pure and rich oil is integral part of the culture of Provenza.

A beauty care secret

For centuries, Olive oil has been recognized for its natural moisturizing, regenerating and softening properties. It has antirust virtues that help to fight against the aging of the skin.
 It has long been a beauty care secret of the Mediterranean region. After days of working in the sun, men and women would spread olive oil onto their skin to hydrate soften. Olive oil has anti-oxidant and softening benefits and helps combat premature skin-aging.

Our harvests reflect the love of the Provencal people for their work, their respect for the countryside and for time-honored traditions. The pure, rich oil is an integral part of Provencal culture and cuisine.


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