Shea Butter


The butter of shea butter used in L'OCCITANE products comes from Burkina-Faso. Only the women organized in groups, gather of artisan way the fruits of this sacred tree. The dry and crushed nuts are extracted, forming a paste that is kneaded during long time, to obtain the famous butter of Shea butter, well-known like a product of universal and irreplaceable beauty.An activity chain is organized around the collection of karité, that ends at a commercial interchange between L'OCCITANE and these Groups of women.



Wherever you look in Bobo Dioulasso, your eyes fall on majestic Shea trees that have always supplied the precious butter used in this part of West Africa. Because the trees are sacred, it is forbidden to pick the fruit, so it can only be collected from the ground. The secret for preparing Shea Butter is strictly reserved for the women. They are also the only ones to benefit from its trade, which is why it is called “Women’s Gold”. Shea Butter protects the skin against the sun as well as the hot winds carrying dust and fine sand that dry the skin. Thanks to precious Shea Butter, the women of this region protect, nourish and moisturize* their skin.


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