Small shrub malva pale with indented flowers and leaves, the verbena cultivates itself throughout the Mediterranean river basin. also known as the “enchantment”, “witch’s” or “cure-all” herb, has an irresistible lemon-y fragrance. It is the magic plant par excellence. The Romans attributed it to Venus, believing it had the power to rekindle the passion of a dying love.

The virtues of the verbena
Verbena is harvested from May to July, just before the plants flower. To produce the extract, the leaves are removed and dried away from the light. They are then soaked in an alcohol mixture to obtain natural Verbena extract, recognized by its tranquilizing and refreshing characteristics, in addition to its relaxing lemon fragrance.

Pure verbena from Corsica.

Because L’OCCITANE is determined to offer the best of nature, the body products in the L’OCCITANE Verbena Harvest are formulated using a premium quality Verbena extract from Corsica, which is particularly fine and pure.


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