For babies and children

Discover natural body care products that will take care of your baby's sensitive body skin. The ingredients used in this collection are organic and safe even for particularly sensitive baby skin. All of them are carefully selected and created on an extremely gentle base. This reduces the risk of allergies and takes care of the baby's more sensitive skin. Shea butter has been chosen as the main ingredient in this collection because of its nourishing and protective properties, which are especially needed for the care of children's skin. It has been recognized as our iconic ingredient with which we have been working for over 30 years. The whole collection is specially designed for babies with a delicate and mother-like hug. Its formula is designed to reduce the risk of allergies and be as safe as possible for the baby's lips and eyes. We believe and trust in the power of nature! That is why we constantly give preference to ingredients of natural origin and thus obtain high-quality components of plant origin that are suitable for even the smallest ones!

For babies and children (8)