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Invigorating Face & Eye Mask Pod

Melons from Provence

Ideal for all skin types, this face & eyes mask immediately revives tired skin (dull complexion, dehydrated skin, under-eye puffiness) and provides protection and hydration to the skin.

29,00 €

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Radiance scrub

Pamelos from Corsica

A jam texture with 100 % natural exfoliating seeds to remove dead cells from the skin. From the very first use, the skin is silky-smooth and radiant, as if glowing from within.

29,00 €

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The soothing mask


A yoghurt texture with real blackcurrant seeds for an instant refreshing and soothing sensation. A true moment of well-being and comfort, bringing a renewed glow to your skin.

29,00 €

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The purifying mask


A mattifying puree texture providing gentle exfoliation and soft skin while immediately absorbing excess oil. From the very first application, the skin is perfectly cleansed and imperfections appear smoothened. The skin looks replenished with a renewed glow.

29,00 €

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Ultra- hydrating mask

Calcium and Minerals

An ultra-hydrating mask made with mineral-rich Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and water-binding molecules, to intensely quench skin's thirst whenever your skin needs it most.


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