Hair Care

There’s something almost magical about that unique moment when steam passes through plant material, coaxing the plant to yield its essential oil and reveal its well-kept secrets. After all, an old steam distiller gave life to L’OCCITANE… It can take several tons of plant material to obtain just a litre of precious essential oil. Rich in active ingredients, essential oils can be extremely effective, even when used in the smallest of doses. Each oil is chosen for properties specific to the plant. Each oil also has its own specific scent, which can affect moods and emotions. This is where aromachology comes into play. Essential oils are used in the majority of L’OCCITANE products, including its hair care range – which first began to take shape in 1976, when the brand was in its infancy. When several flower or plant extracts are brought together in a formula, their effectiveness is increased. The Aromachology range uses different complexes of five essential oils for different hair types. The expertise of L’OCCITANE in this field is undeniable.

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