Immortelle Divine Cream

Best youth cream of L'Occitane and you should definitely try it out at least once.
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With 5 patents, Divine Cream acts at the heart of cells* to visibly correct all signs of ageing, for beautiful, younger-looking skin.   Used on a daily basis, it: Helps maintain skin's youthful appearance and its potential for regeneration Intensely nourishes (100%)** Visibly reduces wrinkles by (36%) *** Firms skin (89%)** and restores elasticity (91%)**for more shapely facial contours Helps redefine and restructure the natural profile of the face by (27%)*** Helps visibly reduce the colour intensity of dark spots by (34%) within a month**** Reveals skin radiance (92%)** and skin tone harmony (95%)**   With its smooth texture, the Divine Cream melts deliciously into the skin, giving a sensation of supreme comfort.   The results are Divine: a new breath of youth seems to come from the very heart of the skin. Bursting with vitality, it simply glows with beauty.   *of the epidermis. **Satisfaction tested on 100 women over 4 months. ***Efficiency test over 3 months. ****Clinical scorage.   Awarded BEST ANTI-AGEING CREAM - 2013 Harper’s Bazaar "Beauty Hot 100 list”
Use morning and evening, on face and neck, avoiding the eye area.   1 - Smooth the cream over the middle of the face. Avoid contact with eyes. 2 - Then apply to the neck, working upwards and alternating between the left and right hands. 3 - Using the pads of the fingers, perform small energetic pinching movements along the outline of the face, working up from the chin to the ears to promote skin micro-circulation. 4 - Promote drainage and smooth: perform smoothing strokes with the flat of the hand for a soothing effect and to release toxins.Neck: use downward strokes.Then along the middle of the face. Avoid contact with eyes.Then on the forehead, working outwards from the centre. 5 - Closing ritual: Cup the hands over the ears, to appreciate the benefits of the product in silence. Press lightly then relax. 
Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower: it never fades, even after it has been picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-ageing properties. Over ten years ago, L’OCCITANE revealed and patented the exceptional anti-ageing powers of Corsican immortelle – the only variety that contains an incredibly high concentration of active ingredients. Discover our Immortelle collections, offering complete anti-ageing solutions for the face. Immortelle
Organic Immortelle essential oil Organic microencapsulated Immortelle essential oil Organic Immortelle cells extract A complex of 7 naturally derived active ingredients: Marsh Clover, Myrtle, Honey, Bellis Perennis, Hyaluronic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil and Camelina oil Vitamin C derivative 
Proven Results

Helps maintain skin's youthful appearance and its potential for regeneration


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