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Here goes my advices as a make-up artist, how to use L'OCCITANE cosmetic properly.

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I am glad that the message of this beauty box, to which I put my heart and passion for beauty, has reached you. Here you can find my favorite Loccitane face products that I use as a visor master not only for skin care but also to help make-up application.


Tips on how to use these products

1. Immortelle Cleansing Oil is definitely my favorite product, which best cleans up any make-up, even waterproof. Squeeze a few drops on the palm of your hand while showering and gently massage the washbasin not only into the face, but also into the eye area. I use this cleanser boldly to clean my eye makeup - it doesn't irritate, gently cleanses and leaves no greasy sensation. This saves you a lot of cotton wool!
2. Immortelle Toner - Tonic is an important part of skin care that I never miss in my morning and evening beauty routine. It adjusts the pH of the skin, instantly removes the tension of the skin. Tonic refreshes, removes any dirt residue that may have remained on the skin after washing and prepares the skin for further moisturizing.
3. Moisturizing Shea Cream - I chose it because it is the one that everyone is looking for! Intensely moisturizes, absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy sensation, perfect for moisturizing make-up base against creamy powder. The smell is wonderful... It is suitable for dry, but also for mixed or even oily skin.
4. Shea Comforting  Face Spray - This beauty product is just a must-have in cosmetic bag for every make-up lover. I use it not only as a skin freshener and moisturizer on a hot summer day or in dry winter weather. This spray is the perfect make-up fixer! It can be used in a number of ways during the make-up process: shake your face before applying cream powder - then the powder will cover easier, its layer will be fresher and thinner. You can also moisten the make-up sponge or brush. Another use step is to cover the glossy eye shadows. It's no secret that shiny shadows often drip over, damaging facial make-up. If you brush the brushes before applying glitter or pearl shade not only will not shrink, but will become brighter, the color will be more intense and last longer. Good even for highlighter highlighting! And finally, this spray can be used as a make-up fixer / moisturizer. Often, after all dry powders, the skin looks dry, as if "dead." Moisturizing it at the end of the make-up will not only revitalize the skin, but will also fix the makeup for better preservation.

I hope my tips will help you and will be able to enjoy the products at least for me!