Moisturizing Shea Butter

A must-have collection to soothe dry and dehydrated skin during the Winter months.
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Moisturizing Shea Butter


Deeply nourishing, protecting and soothing, our Shea Butter collection is the ultimate winter must-have.

Discover the secret of soft, smooth skin with this gift including:

• 250ml Shea Fabulous Shower Oil;
• 100ml Ultra Rich Body Cream;
• 75ml Shea Butter Hand Cream


Of the nuts of shea butter is extracted a vegetal butter exceptionally rich and provided with multiple properties: moisturizing, nutritious, relaxing, protective, healing and regenerative. Incorporated in the formulas of L' OCCITANE in different levels from concentration, the butter of shea butter is a balsamic product of ideal beauty for the dry skin or dehydrated. Shea Butter Body Care