Respect for the environment is at the heart of L’OCCITANE. From the creation of our formulas to the development of our packaging, L’OCCITANE tries to limit environmental impacts where ever possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ecoservice to provide a collection and recycling programme for our customers to be able to simply recycle their empties at any of the L’OCCITANE boutiques.

  • Beauty packaging such as lip balm tubes, makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrances bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks.

  • Skin care packaging such as face mask packaging, refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for soap, facial cleansers and body lotions. 

  • Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and refill pouches.
    ATTENTION! We accept various brands of beauty products packaging.

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There is a special sorting container in each of our showrooms. All our packaging will be re-sorted and recycled by our partners, Ecoservice.

Our partners


It is a leading waste management company in Lithuania engaged in the collection, transportation and treatment of various types of waste. Currently, Ecoservice has one of the best equipment in the Baltic States, allowing to sort and prepare for recycling about 2 thousand tonnes of secondary raw materials per month.

Vandenynų valymo misija „Plastic Odyssey“

Kviečiame susipažinti su mūsų unikalia ekspedicija „Plastic Odyssey“, kurios metu visas vandenynuose surinktas plastiko atliekas paversime naujas ištekliais. „Plastic Odyssey“ laivas iškeliavo trims metams, per kuriuos bus nuplaukta daugiau nei 40 000 jūrmylių. Laivas surinks plastiko atliekas iš vandenynų, jas vietoje išrūšiuos ir iškart perdirbs.

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