From the flavors of provence to its colors...

For this original project, we chose to work with four influences from différents parts of the world. Passionate about color - these women are natural beauties who share their photos, thoughts and ideas with their followers and communities. They radiate positivity, confidence, well-being and joie de vivre.

When Colors inspire creativity....

A design full of sunshine!

We invited four influencers to come to provence and we asked them for draw inspiration from what they saw, so that together, we could create for limited-edition lipstick shades and some very original lipstick boxes that would capture their personality - and the personality of provence ...


From intense color to shiny color

Our delicious lip oils!

If you are looking for a lip color that's less intense and more subtle, or if you just want your lips to shine, look no further than our new Delicious Lip Oils! Just like our lipsticks, they are free of silicones and animal-derived ingrédients (except bee products), but they give a completely different finish.

Our masks and scrub collection

... And a melon mask for a fresh-faced glow

Our existing masks and scrub trio is now joined by a new mask, to complete our collection. Offering a new benefit, it's ideal for invigorating dull and tired skin. And its texture is absolutely irresistible..

Melon delicious lip scrub

A melon scrub for super-soft lips...

Perhaps you've already tried our deliciously fruity lip scrubs? They're so irresistible, we couldn't resist making a new one! Following on from Marmalade Kiss, Raspberry Crush and Fabulous Fig. Now you can enjoy a new scent, with Sweet Melon.

The Fruity Lipsticks is becoming iconic

The final Touch for a Dash of Color

Our Lipsticks make a sunny statement in their bright yellow tubes (inspired by the sunshine of Provence, remember?), with a slightly pearlescent, feminine finish. They feel light - but just right - in your hand, twist up easily, and make a very satisfying click sound when you snap them snap them shut. So they look good, feel good and do your lips good!