86 Champs Intense

Kedras ir citrusai

Aromatas charakteringas, stiprus, tačiau geba sukurti šiltą ir jausmingą kvapnų prisilietimą. Tai didingo medžio aromatinė šiluma ir gaiva alsuojančio Cedrato vaisių simfonija.


Figmedis ir šimtalapis erškėtis

Figmedžio kvapas atskleidžia stiprų charakterį ir tvirtumą, kurį elegantiškai subalansuoja šimtalapis erškėtis iš Graso regiono.


Pasiflorai ir našlaitės

Įkvėptas pasiflorų sulčių, šis aromatas išreiškia gaivią ir citrusinę kvapo natą, kuri keičiasi šildant vaisių. Aromatas tampa gilesnis ir intensyvesnis, ko pasekoje atsiskleidžia smulkintų kakavos pupelių akordai.


86 Champs Eau De Parfum Collection

L’OCCITANE and Pierre Hermé wanted everyone to find their perfect scent – so it made perfect sense to create a collection of six Eaux de Parfum with different characters. There’s the intoxicating sparkle of Blackcurrant Rhubarb, the zesty warmth of Flower & Passion, the captivating elegance of Rose Saffron… Each Eau de Parfum gradually reveals all its splendour as its scent envelops the skin of its wearer.

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L’OCCITANE and Pierre Hermé continue to create connections that bridge their worlds. Adrien Geiger, Chief Growth Officer at L’OCCITANE, entrusted an inventor of flavours with the creation of a line of Eaux de Parfum. Pierre Hermé has always been passionate about scents and sensations. It’s not surprising that he should feel perfectly comfortable in a creative field that is not so different from the one in which he has excelled for years.

Why are these fragrances unique?

Each fragrance highlights unique ingredients linked to a specific «terroir». The blackcurrant buds are grown and selected in Burgundy. The May rose is native to Grasse and has been grown there since the 16th century, using traditional skills. The immortelle is organic and grows in Corsica, where its complex scent matures between the sun and the earth. The finest ingredients, tended with the greatest care, from harvest to blending

Six Eau De Parfum That Makes Perfect Scent!


CITRUS WOODY A fragrance that explores Persian scents and flavours, and appeals to the taste buds as well as the nose…


Raspberry & Matcha Green Tea

FRUITY FLORAL Behind the brightness of these two ingredients lie bold aromas that form a deliciously delicate harmony.


& Immortelle

ORIENTAL SPICY CITRUS An exquisite, mesmerizing fragrance that recalls the scents of the Corsican maquis and envelops them in citrus freshness.


Orange, Leaves
& Flowers

CITRUS FLORAL GREEN Let serenity wash over you as you imagine the scent of fields of bitter orange trees on Mediterranean hills…


Blackcurrant Rhubarb

FLORAL GREEN FRUITY Imagine blackcurrant leaves and buds rubbed between your hands, tinged with tangy notes of rhubarb.



FLORAL FRUITY GREEN What better flower than the rose to flatter the magnificent fig tree, so symbolic of the Mediterranean region?


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What is the 86 Champs Inspiration?

Inspired by the infinite richness of nature, L’OCCITANE and Pierre Hermé share a passion for creativity. While L’OCCITANE composes interpretations of the countless scents of Provence, Pierre Hermé, a true artisan of flavour, invents unique pleasures for the palate.